All Vivo Boot Source Mtk DA Auth File Free Download


All Vivo Boot Source Mtk DA Auth File Free Download

What is Boot Sorce?

What is DA/Auth file

In this page, Sharing boot source DA/Auth file All Vivo Mbile Brand this So Download it if you need source file Need For Unlocking repairing IMEI Repair easy to connect to Boot all Mtk chipset Phone tablet using Boot Sorcef file and solve any problem

What is Boot Source

Boot source Most important in  this case if you going to repair time screen lock remove full flash repartition and Hanging problem boot source Also help with boot your device and connect with PC

What Is DA/Auth file

All Vivo Boot Source Mtk DA/Auth File Free Download

Some Phone Required DA/ Auth File

DA file is a boot file for your tool easy connect and your device with a DA file DA, file connect your device in your flashing toolbox and doing software And Get all information and Auth file is the authentication File for device Repairing Authentication License File this file is a license to you have Boot And Flash And Unlock anyone your choice if you want to root and other Device ((DA File Download Authority For your phone)) And Easy to boot But Aut file Wass Some Defrint file this file For ((Complete Authentication Licence for Your Device Software ))It’s All For Vivo Mtk Mobile

Model List












this Da+Auth file use Mericle thunder, Cm2 Mtk, Cm2 Mt2, And Other Device Support Manually Boot Support and use this boot and auth file and enjoy it

If You need more boot and auth file Firmware to visit My Site

If you want to download all source boot file all Mtk Mobile Brand Goto>Back And scroll Down and get link


Please select be careful  DA and auth file

During flash Don’t Remove USB Cable

Before Start Chak Mobile And Computer Battery


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