Videocon LED TV Software Firmware Free Download

Videocon LED TV Software Firmware Free Download

Videocon LED TV Software Firmware Free Download

Videocon LED TV Software Firmware Free Download


Videocon LED TVs are widely used in India. Each Videocon LED TV has a special program or firmware/software installed in its motherboard through which the functions of the TV can be run. Sometimes, in some cases, the TV stops working for technical reasons and does not show properly, or the standby light stays red/blue. The TV didn’t start normally then we’d like to reprogram the LED TV with its specific firmware/software. It is important for us to keep a backup dump of this LED TV to keep the TV alive. Therefore, there are some backup dump files for free download of Videocon LED TV firmware to help technicians. Download free videocon files for your LED TV.
All of the following video firmware is protected with the LED TV programming tool and can be loaded into the TV with the programmer. Each LED TV model has its own specific software file that you simply can download for a specific model. All IT beginners are advised to copy the old software before installing the new software or first remove the Flash IC and cargo the software into the new Flash IC then mount it. In case of any trouble, you will first change the flash icons to avoid any trouble.
Videocon LED TV boards do not have the option to mirror/flip the panel or reverse function settings. Therefore, if the image is reversed or reversed, you should load the reversed image software. The list below includes some software distributions and. If you encounter any of these problems during software installation, you will check them yourself.
In some cases, the central motherboard is the same but channel scanning has been observed. This is because different toners are on an equivalent board. Therefore, to accept acceptable firmware l., So you initially had to verify the toner IC part number.

Read Note:

All software files are saved from working on Videocon LED TVs with the help of programming tools and can be filled or written by the programmer. These firmware files cannot support the USB upgrade procedure.
InterCityMobile Team is not responsible for any loss/damage resulting from uploading or installing the firmware.

How to download:

Watch Video

Download and squeeze/unzip the following firmware. Now copy the file to USB. Click here to observe the video for more details about the download process

Below are the Videocon LED TV firmware for free download:

1AKAI AKTV245LED-C_T.MSD306.63A_DumpDownload
2AKAI AKTV323_T.MSD306.9A_DumpDownload
3AKAI AKTV325LED_T.MSD306.9A_DumpDownload
4AKAI AKTV391_MS3663S.PB801_FirmwareDownload
5AKAI AKTV401_CV9203H-A42_DumpDownload
6AKAI AKTV406TS_TP.MS3663S.PB801_DumpDownload
7AKAI AKTV551_TP.S506.PC821_DumpDownload
8AKAI AKTV2204_HK-7050-CI-V4.1-B_DumpDownload
9AKAI AKTV2218H_MSD3663S_FirmwareDownload
10AKAI AKTV2218S_MS3663S.PA671A_FirmwareDownload
11AKAI AKTV2416_MS3663S.PA671A_FirmwareDownload
12AKAI AKTV2815T_MS3663S.PB818_FirmwareDownload
13AKAI AKTV3210_FirmwareDownload
14AKAI AKTV3210_TP.S506.PB818_DumpDownload
15AKAI AKTV3214 TN_FirmwareDownload
16AKAI AKTV4310_LDD.M3663.A75_FirmwareDownload
17AKAI ALT-32V2_TP.V56.PB801_DumpDownload
18AKAI LEA-19A08G_AS-MST6M181VS-LE1_DumpDownload
19AKAI LEA-19C11P_JUG7.820.1151_DumpDownload
20AKAI LEA-19L14G_AS-MST6M182VG-LE2_DumpDownload
21AKAI LEA-19V02S_HK-T.MSTV59V08_DumpDownload
22AKAI LEA-19V07P_T.MS6M181.7A_DumpDownload
23AKAI LEA-19V21M_T.VST59.62_DumpDownload
24AKAI LEA-22V07P_CV59L-G_DumpDownload
25AKAI LEA-22V07P_T.VST29.A2B_DumpDownload
26AKAI LEA-22V21M_T.VST59.62_DumpDownload
27AKAI LEA-24A08G_TP.VST59.P63_DumpDownload
28AKAI LEA-24V60P_TP.S512.PA63_DumpDownload
29AKAI LEA-26V07P_T.MS.18VG.81B_DumpDownload
30AKAI LEA-28A08W_TP.VST59.P83_DumpDownload
31AKAI LEA-32A08G_TP.VST59S.P89_DumpDownload
32AKAI LEA-32C25M_JUC7.820.00081373_DumpDownload
33AKAI LEA-32M12W_LM2FC_V1.7 PA20378-2_DumpDownload
34AKAI LEA-32P37P_TP.VST59.PB819_DumpDownload
35AKAI LEA-32S02P_T.MT8222.9A_DumpDownload
36AKAI LEA-32V07P_T.MS18VG.81B_DumpDownload
37AKAI LEA-39A08G_TP.VST59.P83_DumpDownload
38AKAI LEA-39J29P_CV9202H-TPW_DumpDownload
39AKAI LEA-39V51P_TP.S512.PB83_DumpDownload
40AKAI LEA-40V35M_TP.MS3463S.PB801_DumpDownload
41AKAI LEA-50V28P_TP.VST59S.PC815_DumpDownload
42AKAI LEA-55B57P_TP.MS3463S.PC821_DumpDownload
43AKAI LEA-55V59P_T.MS3463S.U851_DumpDownload
44AKAI LED-29E12_868M_JUG7.820.1221_DumpDownload
45AKAI LED29E13_DumpDownload
46AKAI LES-22V02S_T.MS608.61_DumpDownload
47AKAI LES-32V01M_T.MS18VG.75B_DumpDownload
48AKAI LES-32V01M_TP.MS608.P83_DumpDownload
49AKAI LET32FHD3283_TP.S506.PB801_DumpDownload
50AKAI LETV-MA-42KKFHD_TP.VST59S.PB813_DumpDownload
51AKAI LT3223_TP.S506.PB818_DumpDownload
52AKAI LTA-32N576HCP_CV068M1_DumpDownload

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